Priyanka Chopra's secret marriage?

New Delhi, May 2: Recently, the Bollywood industry was abuzz with rumours of actress Priyanka Chopra's secret marriage. However, Priyanka soon quashed all the marriage claims and soon took to Twitter to criticise the gossip mongers. 

The actress also made it clear that as and when she will tie the knot she will reveal about it instead of keeping it a secret. 

Recently, the Desi Girl posted a picture on social media while on her way back from a weekend trip to Assam where social media users spotted her wearing a bracelet which looked similar to a mangalsutra. The picture soon led to speculations that the actress may have tied the knot secretly.

“Hahahah! heights of speculation! This is an evil eye guys! Calm down! I’ll tell u when I get married and it won’t be a secret! Lol,” Priyanka tweeted along with a close-up picture of the evil eye bracelet that was mistaken for a mangalsutra.