Priyanka Chaturvedi quits Congress after 10 years, joins Shiv Sena

New Delhi, April 19: The vociferous and frank Congress spokesperson now quits the party to join Shiv Sena; there is much than what meets the eye.Congress national spokesperson and convenor of party's media cell Priyanka Chaturvedi, who was miffed at the reinstatement of some party workers who had misbehaved with her, resigned from the party, sources said Friday.   After quitting all posts in the party, Chaturvedi sent her resignation to the party's top brass.She has also changed her introduction in her Twitter account where she had made a clear mention earlier about posts she held in the party.She was miffed at the reinstatement of some party workers in Uttar Pradesh who had "misbehaved" and "threatened" her during her press conference in Mathura a few days ago.Chaturvedi had lashed out at the party in public on Thursday and accused it of giving preference to "lumpen goons" over those who had given their "sweat and blood" to the Congress.She said it was unfortunate and saddening that those who threatened her have got away without even "a rap on their knuckles".Shortly after resigning, Shiv Sena senior leader Sanjay Raut announced that Priyanka would be joining the Sena this evening.

While many eyebrows rose with this decision of the beautiful Priyanka Chaturvedi, the frank and fiery spokesperson came to her defence herself, " I know I will be held accountable for my past statements and my views and that how I came to this conclusion but I would like to say that this decision of joining Shiv Sena I have taken after a lot of thought."

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