Priya Sachdev posts adorable pictures of Kiaan and Samaira Kapoor!

Their little cousin Taimur has become a media sensation. However, they have been kept away from the limelight. Its because where Saif is a fearless father that doesn't mind the media invading his space, Sanjay Kapur, is kind of weary of his kids being out there too much. 

The Kapoor sisters are famous for their dedication towards their work, however they prove to be good moms too. Speaking about parenting, Karisma had said, “My kids have a very simple home life. We don’t discuss movies much. Instead, we are always discussing studies, activities. It’s not a special home or anything different. It’s like any normal child growing up.” When asked about their personalities, she said, "My daughter Samaira is my biggest fashion critic.When I dress up for events, if she doesn’t like what I’m wearing, she will be like, ‘Mom, change these shoes. I really don’t like it.’ She has great fashion sense and she completely participates in everything.” 


Sanjay's wife Priya Sachdev posted a couple of really cute pictures of Kiaan and Samaira with their father Sanjay Kapur: