President is impressed by PM Modi..know why

Mumbai: President Pranab Mukhrejee on Friday said he was impressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's way of dealing with things and his quick learning.

"He (Modi) has his own way of dealing with things and I must give him credit how quickly he picked up," Mukherjee said at India Today Conclave here. 

He said it was noteworthy how without any prior experience in Parliament, Modi acquired mastery over complex international affairs and economic matters in no time.

"Every other Prime Minister from Charan Singh to Chandra Shekhar, all of them had profound experience in Parliament. But a man coming straight from a provincial government and acquiring mastery over foreign relations, complicated external economy... speaks volume of him," Mukherjee said.

He mentioned how Prime Minister Modi was deftly handling the "informal but powerful" G-20 group that deals with "major issues of international finance, trade, sanctions".