Prakash Jha takes on CBFC, says won't delete scenes from 'Jai Gangaajal'

Prakash Jha's upcoming cop drama 'Jai Gangaajal' encountered a set of troubles when CBFC demanded 11 cuts to be made to the film.

The CBFC told Prakash that the film will be given a 'UA' certificate only when he erases the soundtrack and visuals of verbal and physical violence.

Jha has shunned the reports that asserted that he made voluntary cuts to Jai Gangaajal in order to get a U/A Certificate, and instead, has decided to take the entire issue to the tribunal committee to appeal against the cuts.

The director strongly considers CBFC's decision 'unacceptable' for he stays stiff on a fact that the film is a message for youngsters and an A certificate would not allow them to see it.

“How many beeps can you have in a film? Saala is a word we use in everyday conversation. My cop drama is set in the hinterlands. I’m not saying anything anti-national or anti-religion.I’m a responsible maker who would never hurt anyone’s sentiments. There’s a need to look at the context in which a particular word or phrase is used. If a villain is saying something and is immediately taken to task for it and not glorified, they should let it go.” Prakash revealed to a leading daily.

the filmmaker further added, “There’s no overt sexuality or unnecessary violence. They wanted me to reduce an action scene by 50 per cent, I’m okay with that, but not okay with the language being diluted. I’m going to the Tribunal hoping they will see things in the right context. Else, I’ll move court. One mindset has created all this absurdity,”.

News24 Bureau Tulika Bishnoi