Popular fitness specialist Guru Mann's fitness secret revealed!

Popular fitness specialists Guru Mann's fitness secret revealed!

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, July 9: California-based fitness specialists Guru Mann is one of the world's top fitness experts and is also a popular face on social media platforms. With his social media posts including, YouTube video, Instagram stories, Mann keeps sharing glimpses of his fitness routine. Mann is also a YouTuber with 1.2 million subscribers. He is also an Instagram influencer with as many as 7 lakh followers.

Mann in collaboration with T-Series has launched many fitness videos that are ardently followed by Millions. He is well known as the fitness Guru who always motivates his followers to maintain good health by hosting free events all over India followed by his Mission of creating a fit India & to create awareness towards health and fitness whether it is a fat loss programme or muscle building he has always doled out information on variety of fitness topics ranging from burning body fat to gaining muscles, and from nutrition knowledge to different work out plans, without charging a single penny from the people.

In an interaction with TOI, Mann recently opened up about his fitness secret.

Talking about his fitness secret, Mann said, ''I don’t have a fixed diet. I keep changing it because healthy diet gets boring if you don’t keep variety.''

Sharing details about his breakfast Mann revealed that he takes smoothie, oats, quinoa, boiled eggs or omelette.

For snacks, he takes Greek yogurt with apples, cinnamon, peanuts. For lunch, Mann takes chicken, fish, tofu, paneer.

For pre-workout, Mann takes few boiled eggs, apple with banana. His post-workout diet includes protein shake.

For dinner, he takes what I did not take in lunch. Two hours before bed - Peanut butter, sandwich

Half an hour before sleep: Milk or drinks.