Poor Mazdoor is crorepati now, digs diamond worth Rs 15000000

Bhopal, Oct 10: He could not have expected for a bigger Diwali dhamaka in his life. Holding his Diwali gift between his fingers, labourer
 Motilal Prajapati says “Mazaa aa gaya”. Now you would be curious to know about the gift. Well, it's worth Rs 1.5 crore!

The daily wager who used to toil hours together to make two ends meet and feet his family, has dug up a diamond. And, guess what..it is the second biggest diamond ever found in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. “The sparkler that he found weighs 42.9 carat. The heaviest one ever found in Panna weighed 44.55 carat and it was dug up way back in 1961,” Panna's diamond officer Santosh Singh was quooted as saying. How much money will Motilal get?  “The gem quality has been valued at more than Rs 1.5 crore. We will auction it according to government rules," added Singh. After the auction, the state government will take 12% royalty. Still,  Motilal will be a crorepati.

Lady luck smiled on Motilal 45 days ago, when he decided to take a 8mx8m patch on lease in Patti village, which is about about 8 km Panna city. “Doosron ke liye khodta hun, apne liye karke dekhun (I take up odd jobs for others, why not dig for myself),” added a jubiliant Motilal. Not everybody strikes diamond, though many come  to try their luck in diamond mines here. Trying luck is not very expensive here. In rs 250/year, you can get a 64 sqm patch on lease.

Earlier in July 2017, a poor farmer had dug a 5.8 carat diamond worth Rs 20 lakh. Farmer's diamond was size of a pebble, bu one that Motilal found is like a small rock. “Mazaa aa gaya. This will help my elderly parents. I hope our poverty goes away, and no one will ever go hungry,” said Motilal. Striking diamond before Diwali will help his debt ridden family to become debt free. “I will not only be able to pay off my loans but also put my two children in good schools,” said elated Motilal.

Surely Motilal would need security now. Hope the CM is watching.

News24 Bureau