PM's fan Trump is puncturing Modi's dream

New Delhi: President Donald Trump on paper may be fan of PM Narendra Modi, but is doing exactly the opposite of what PM Modi wants-discouraging American companies to be part of Make in India campaign. One major example is of this is Lockheed Martin’s plan to produce F-16s in India.

Now the Trump Administrations wants to have a fresh look at the the proposal, though the company is keen to go ahead with its plan. Lockheed Martin wants to produce F-35 fighter at its Texas plant, and shift F-16 production to India.

However, the company is made it clear it will shift base if India assures it will order hundreds of combat aircraft. This, India is likely to agree as it wants to upgrade the fire power of Indian Airforce.

Trump has warned to penalise US companies who shift operations outside as that creates job crunch for the Americans.

However, what goes in Lockheed Martin’s favour is that it has no plan to sell Made in india F-16s to US. Even other defence companies in US want the Lockheed Martin plan to sail through, otherwise it will hurt their prospects in getting contracts from India. US defence majors are keen on this as it is expected that india is likely to spend about $250 billion on defence modernisation over a decade. 

Lockheed Martin for now is in constant touch with the Trump Administration on the issue as the move will be a win-win situation for both, India and America.