PMK demands postponement of polls in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: PMK's chief ministerial candidate Anbumani Ramadoss on Sunday urged the Election Commission to postpone Monday's assembly polls temporarily due to large-scale bribing of voters. In a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner, Ramadoss said: "Since there is huge money distribution across all the 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu, we request you to temporarily postpone the elections in all the constituencies. "The nomination of all the AIADMK and DMK candidates who have indulged in distribution of money should be nullified," he added. Ramadoss also urged the poll body to depute officers from other states to conduct the election in a free and fair manner with the help of paramilitary forces. According to Ramadoss, his party candidates have confiscated the money distributed by DMK and AIADMK candidates and handed them over to Election Commission officers. "Instead of filing a complaint and taking necessary action against the offender (AIADMK and DMK candidates), a case has been filed against the PMK candidate who complained," Ramadoss said in his letter. On Saturday, the Election Commission postponed balloting to May 23 in Aravakurichi constituency in Karur district as it was satisfied that the electoral process had been vitiated due to bribery by political parties.