PM red faced.. Modi's ministry accepts noteban destroyed farmers..Govt 'killled' crores of farmers, says Rahul

New Delhi, Nov 21: In a major embarrassment for PM Narendra Modi, the union agriculture ministry under him has accepted that demonetisation had rocked the boats of farmers. In its report, the ministry accepted that worst hit were the small farmers who mostly depend on cash for buying seeds and fertilisers. The Modi government had all through defended note ban denying any major impact on farmers. The ministry's report has echoed the views of the opposition who had alleged that noteban had destroyed small farmers and businesses.  The Ministry of Agriculture, at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ministry of Finance, said that lakhs of farmers could not buy seeds and fertilisers due to lack of cash just before the rabi season. The ministry said when noteban was implemented, the farmers were either sowing rabi crop or selling kharif crop. And, the noteban made the cash lying with them useless and thus could not buy inputs. The ministry further said that even the government seeds could not be sold.Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for "making fun of our farmers misfortune" following reports of the Agriculture Ministry admitting that millions of farmers were unable to buy seeds and fertilizers because of demonetization.

"Note-ban destroyed the lives of crores of farmers. Now they don't have money to buy seeds and fertilizers," Gandhi tweeted in Hindi tagging a news report that said the Union Agriculture Ministry in a report to Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance, noted that "millions of farmers were unable to buy seeds and fertilizers for their crops because of demonetization"."But even today Modi makes fun of farmers' misfortune. Now his own Agriculture Ministry is saying that note-ban broke the farmers' back," said Gandhi pointing to Modi's poll campaign in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.During his campaign in both the states, Gandhi had flayed Modi for demonetization and maintained that it was the "country's biggest scam".News24 Bureau/IANS(Photo: Internet)