PM Modi mediates in Kedarnath cave, Opposition mocks the gesture as TV channels flash pics...Video

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, May 19: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's serene picture where he is seen meditating inside the holy cave of Kedarnath has gone viral and there are a lot of reactions, as expected. The ones that are hogging attention are those where the Opposition is criticising PM's gesture. But does PM Modi actually care for this criticism?And now Congress leader and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is seen mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for meditating in Kedarnath, wondering what message he wants to give now.Television channels telecast his photographs in which he was wearing a saffron shawl. After Modi offered prayers at the Himalayan shrine in Uttarakhand, he went inside a cave nearby to meditate."Today he is sitting in a cave wearing 'bhagwa' (saffron). God knows, what message he wants to deliver. Everybody has been watching him," said Gehlot, who also accused the prime minister of doing "nothing but polarisation".Congress's chief spokesperson too criticised Modi, tweeting a picture of the prime minister walking on a "red carpet" in God's abode."True devotees sacrifice their ego and arrogance before going to the abode of God, not after laying a red carpet. Modi ji, hope you know that much," Surjewala said on Twitter.On Sunday, Modi is expected in Badrinath, another temple in Uttarakhand's 'char dham' religious circuit.Gehlot criticised Modi for his "silence" on employment, farmers problems, economy and foreign policy and instead raising issues like religion and nationalism.Congress was also critical about the Prime Minister Modi's first presser in five years where the PM came along with BJP national president Amit Shah. All questions hurled at PM Modi by media were diverted towards Amit Shah."See their face and body language during the press conference. The country has seen the message they gave. (Congress president) Rahul Gandhi had challenged them to debate but they backed off.

"Why they stayed away from talking about issues? What did they do in five years? What was their vision? They talked (only) about their campaigning and strategy," Gehlot said.

Now PM Modi is all set to pay his obeisance at Badrinath later in the day.

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