PM Modi may not like it..overall crime in Delhi rises

  New Delhi:  While the overall crime rate surged by nearly 10 per cent in the national capital in 2016, the incidences of heinous crimes like murder and dacoity came down significantly, the Delhi Police annual report said on Monday. According to the report, the heinous crime rate came down to 44.71 per cent in 2016 from 61.89 per cent in 2015 -- an over 17 per cent decrease.As per data, incidents of dacoity decreased by 38.67 per cent, murder by 7.3 per cent, attempt to murder by 16.10 per cent, robbery by 35.72 per cent, riot by 39.23 per cent, kidnapping for ransom by 36.11 per cent and rape by two per cent. In terms of crimes against women, 2,155 cases of rape were recorded in 2016 -- a slight dip from the figure of 2,199 in 2015. Analysis of the cases reveals that in over 96 per cent of the cases, rape was committed by person(s) acquainted with the victim, while in only over three per cent cases, strangers were involved.      During 2016, a total 528 cases of murder were registered. Of these, 77.46 per cent cases were solved. Incidents of murders per lakh of population has also shown a decline during the last 14 years. While the figure was 3.95 in 2001, it stood at 2.87 in 2016, the report said."Analysis of motives behind murders during year 2016, revealed that 16.29 per cent of the cases were due to sudden provocation or trivial issues, 19.32 per cent due to old enmity, 12.69 per cent related to sexual indulgences, 8.90 per cent due to differences amongst family members, and 8.33 per cent as a result of disputes over property and money. Only 7.77 per cent of the murders were crime related," the data said.The Delhi Police has also come out with a handbook of top 135 criminals along with their associates. Out of these 23 are in jail. During 2016, action against 35 criminals was taken under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).Delhi Police also arrested 93 criminals carrying rewards on their heads. These included the Khalistan Liberation Force chief, Harminder Singh Mintoo, who carried a reward of Rs 25 lakh on his head.In sharp contrast to the dip in heinous crime rates, the overall crime rate in the national capital has seen a four-fold rise between 2010 and 2016, the data showed.In 2010, a total of 51,292 FIRs were registered by the Delhi Police, while in 2016, the figure went up to 2,09,519.In 2015, 1,91,377 FIRs were registered under the Indian Penal Code.However, compared to 2015, the year 2016 witnessed 10 percent rise in criminal cases.The report was released at the annual press conference of the city police held in Civil Lines area.