PM Modi is `Master' of Facebook, learn from him: Zuckerberg

New Delhi: While highlighting the power of Facebook in winning ballots and beyond ballot, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg cited the example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Social media czar outlined Facebook's future vision using PM's usage of social media.  

“Beyond voting, the greatest opportunity is helping people stay engaged with the issues that matter to them every day, not just every few years at the ballot box. We can help establish direct dialogue and accountability between people and our elected leaders. In India, Prime Minister Modi has asked his ministers to share their meetings and information on Facebook so they can hear direct feedback from citizens,” Zuckerberg said.

PM Modi has used Facebook extensively to connect with people. In 2015, he used the social media tool for a hugely publicised Townhall meeting.

Zuckerberg took the opportunity to market Facebook as a tool to win elections world over. “ In recent campaigns around the world -- from India and Indonesia across Europe to the United States -- we’ve seen the candidate with the largest and most engaged following on Facebook usually wins. Just as TV became the primary medium for civic communication in the 1960s, social media is becoming this in the 21st century,” Zuckerberg said.

The Facebook CEO said that he would work towards developing Facebook as a tool to bring people across the globe closer and together.

“When we began, this idea was not controversial. Yet now, across the world there are people left behind by globalization, and movements for withdrawing from global connection," he added