PM Modi dares Congress to come clean on ties with JD-S

New Delhi, May 5: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a mega rally in Tumakuru as the campaigning for Karnataka Assembly elections picks up pace. PM Modi said there is enthusiasm for the BJP in the state and the people are tired of the Congress. He hailed the contribution of the seers of Tumakuru.Highlights from PM's address:-You see Congress party's election track record from Indira Gandhi's time. They only say poor...poor...poor and used to win elections on their name. But since, a poor mother's son was elected as Country's prime minister they have stopped talking about poor as they know that the poor cannot be fooled-Congress is trying to offer false rhetoric and empty promises to the farmers. The Congress' neglect of the agriculture sector is very well known. I wish they were serious about the welfare of the farmers-People who dont differentiate between red and green chilli and are producing gold from potato have started chanting the name of farmers- Who can deny that there is a collision between JD-S and Congress when they are fighting in Tumukura but are in alliance in Bangalore Municipal Corporation. They should stop making fool out of people of Tumukura and Karnataka- People of Karnataka need to know the tacit alliance between Congress & JD-S-I have initiated a full-fledged battle against corruption and black money. There is no way we can tolerate corrupt practices-From Indira Gandhi's time, Congress has only fooled poor people of society to win elections. They're a party of lies, they lie time and again for votes. They do not care about farmers nor are they concerned about poor.