PM Modi at Haridwar: Baba Ramdev calls him 'Rashtra Rishi'

New Delhi: After seeking divine blessings from Lord Shiva at Kedarnath Dham, where he performed the Rudrabhishek, PM Modi visited Baba Ramdev's Patanjali to inaugurate the world's biggest Ayurvedic centre

According to reports, this research centre is worth 200 crores and is enriched with a lot of research and reading material for new discoveries and references.

Around 200 scientists will be working in this well-equipped Research Center. It also boasts of a rich herbal garden which has some rare of rarest species of plants and some valuable herbs.

With this PM Modi's Uttarakhand trip will come to an end and he will be in the capital early evening.

The great 2013 flash flood disaster had ruined almost all the facilities there, but gradually things are coming back to normal and since last year the crowd of devotees has been swelling. PM Modi is the third PM to visit Kedarnath. Earlier former prime ministers Indira Gandhi and Vishwanath Pratap Singh have visited the holy shrine. PM Modi will be performing Rudrabhishek at Lord Shiva's feet. From there he has gone to Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Yogpeeth to inaugurate a research centre.