Pihu trailer: Terrifying tale of two-year-old...Video

Mumbai, Oct 24: Making an entire feature film that revolves around a two-year-old girl is not easy. In fact, to even suggest such a venture to any producer would require nerves of steel. And yet scribe-turned-filmmaker Vinod Kapri has done it.The trailer of "Pihu" is not just a film about a two-year-old girl's survival instincts when she's left alone in her home, it also unfolds like a true-blue thriller (with an over-punctuated background score), with routine sounds in the house such as the sound of the phone in the living room or the swish of the cooking range in the kitchen acquiring a menacing dimension.

I don't think we've seen anything like "Pihu" before. There was, of course, Chetan Anand's "Aakhri Khat" where a one-year-old is separated from his parents. He roams around Mumbai aimlessly somehow surviving in a city that sometimes falls short of compassion.In "Pihu", director Vinod Kapri has used confined spaces to define the little girl's curiosity, bewilderment and shock. This film promises to be everything that "Home Alone" wasn't. Disturbing and heartrending.