In Pics: Priyanka Chopra's big CONFESSION: She admits she is a bad wife, Nick Jonas shocked

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, March 20: Priyanka Chopra makes a big confession and admits that she has many flaws and therefore she cannot be called a good wife. Her confession leaves hubby Nick Jonas confused and he comes out with a classic response.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married in the last leg of the year 2018 and the event made international headlines.

One very beautiful aspect with the lovely couple is that they are both frank and don't shy away from sharing their shortcomings in open. this makes them more adorable in fans.

 Globe trotter Priyanka Chopra Jonas admits she is a terrible wife as she does not know how to cook.Priyanka made an appearance on ABC's chat show "The View", where she spoke about tying the knot with American pop-singer Nick Jonas, her featuring in his music video "Sucker" and about her marriage.

"I cant cook. I told him that when he proposed... I said listen 'you are from a good Southern home, you are used to your mom making amazing food (but) you are not marrying that (type of) girl. I can't cook," Priyanka said in the show.The 36-year-old actress confessed that the only thing she knows how to make is eggs.

"I am terrible wife in that sense. But the most amazing thing is that, when I told him 'Babe I cannot cook...' he said: 'it's alright babe, neither can I.'"Priyanka married Nick last year in December in Rajasthan, India.Talking about marriage, she said: "Marriage feels so different, it's like the family you choose."

Priyanka also discussed featuring in Jonas brothers's latest single "Sucker". It also stars Kevin and his spouse Danielle, as well as Joe and his fiancee and "Game Of Thrones" star Sophie Turner in the over three-minute video."It was just a dinner table conversation where we were just talking about video girls and who should be in the video... The boys looked around the table and looked at us," she said.

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