Petrol pumps are looting you, know how..23 arrested

Veeresh Pandey,Lucknow: You don't even know, but there's a possibilty that you are cheated every time you visit a petrol pump for a fill. The Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) has arrested 23 persons after conducting raids on seven petrol pumps in Lucknow to check for petrol theft.

The STF found that these pumps were using electronic chips to steal petrol and cheat customers. After the raids, it was revealed that nearly 60 ml petrol from every litre was stolen. The staff used special electronic chip to deceive the consumers

How Petrol Pump Owners Cheat You

*  STF found many petrol pumps use a chip costing about Rs 3,000 to steal petrol

*  Pump owners use this chip in the dispensing machines to dupe you

* STF conducted raid  after a tip off

* The chip maker has been identified, arrested

* He learnt art of chip making from an engineer

* He has sold about 1000 chips across UP

* Chip reduces the output from petrol dispensing machines by nearly 6%.

* The chip is attached with a wire and is controlled using a remote.

* Remote controllers of chip have been recovered from the managers

* When you purchase 1 litre, the machine with chipset gives only 940 ml

* Petrol pump owners make Rs 14 lakh each month using chip

Police have registered an FIR against the petrol pump owners. Further investigations are on, more raids are expected across the state.