Pet dogs kill man in Tamil Nadu

VELLORE: A 56-year-old man was bitten and mauled to death by his pet dogs in Kattupakkam village in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu on tuesday night.  Kirubakaran, who was working as an assistant in the office of the additional director general of police, Government Railway Police, Chennai, went to his mango grove outside the village at about 10 pm on tuesday to feed the dogs, said a family member of the deceased.  Around 10.20pm, the people in the nearby farms heard Kriubakaran's screams. When they rushed to the farm, they found him in a pool of blood with multiple dog bite marks. "He was rearing a Rottweiler female dog. Three days ago, he brought a male Rottweiler for breeding purpose. It attacked him when he went to feed them," said the family member.  Kirubakaran was immediately rushed to Government Hospital at Arakkonam but succumbed to his injuries. The Banavaram police registered a case.  "There were multiple bites, particularly on the upper body," said sub-inspector of police Munusamy. Police said both dogs might have attacked him.  Rottweiler is a ferocious animal. It has powerful jaws and sharp teeth, said Dr T Manoharan, specialist -cum -deputy director (incharge) of Department of the Animal Husbandry, Vellore. "They will go wild when someone stops or disturbs them when they eat food. They get irritated and start attacking. They should be trained properly to obey the commands of the owner. Otherwise, they will pose a serious threat," he said.  Livestock sellers in Rottweil village in Germany created the particular breed to suit their demand, he said. "The butchers and livestock sellers will keep the money, which they made after selling the livestock in markets, in a leather belt tied around the dog's neck. They did this to prevent thieves from robbing them." 


Lalan Kumar Jha