Perform 2nd post mortem, Sridevi's death suspicious: Activist to CM Fadnavis

Vinod Jagdale, Mumbai, Feb 27: Activist and advocate S Balakrishnan has urged CM Devendra Fadnavis, who handles the home department, not to permit the funeral of actress Sridevi unless a second post mortem is performed. He said Sridevi was a highly popular actress and a public figure and it is necessary that the real cause of her death is revealed. Initial reports emerging from Dubai  said categorically that she had died of a massive cardiac arrest. "And now it is stated that she died of "accidental drowning" !! This is absurd because no forensic doctor will state the cause as "accidental drowning" because it is the job of the police to find out if it was an accident or murder," he said.  The activist claimed that it wass impossible for a full grown adult to drown in a bath tub "If she had died of cardiac arrest while having bath there is no way water would have entered her lungs. Only "traces" of alcohol were found in her blood. Which suggests she was not drunk. There are also variations in the timings when her body was found," he added.   "Ideally the state government should have deputed a doctor to Dubai to witness the PM. Since that was not done, a second PM should be performed in Mumbai," Balakrishnan said. Even though the death took place in Dubai, activist claimed, that nothing prevents the Mumbai police from suo motu  conducting parallel  investigation since Sridevi was domiciled in the city and was a celebrity with a huge following.