People have narrow definition of co-production: Ajit Thakur

Mumbai, March 22 (IANS) As Bollywood entertainment industry is collaborating with various international production houses and studios, CEO of Eros International's Trinity Pictures Ajit Thakur said that most of the people have a narrow definition of co-production.

Sharing his experience of co-producing Kabir Khan's upcoming directorial venture "Tubelight" at the FICCI Frames 2017, Thakur told media: 

"We have a narrow idea about co-production that it is about collaborating with international markets for funds of a film whereas it is beyond that."

He said that co-production is more than just finding out an international market for our films, rather it is about cultural exchange, providing means to keep a tab on socio-economic integration and local talents. 

"Apart from finding market for distribution and studio, it is about celebrating culture. When we went to China with our stories, in the process we have realized that they (China production houses and studios) like our musicals and love stories," he said.

Thakur along with Kilian Kerwin, President of Production IvanhoPictures was present here at the session titled 'Making Film Co-productions 

Work Between Indian and the World', which was moderated by head of FilmKaravan Apoorva Bakshi.

Considering the fact that some of the films like that has Indian origin (in the story) is receiving worldwide appreciation, 

Talking about why Indian films fail to get global recognition in comparison to films like "Life Of Pi" or "Lion", Thakur said, "Filmmakers should have the ambition to tell a story with a universal approach. It is also important to keep the duration of the film within two hours. Now, the problem is often they cut all the song-dance sequences to shorten the duration which is wrong. Global audience love to watch our song-dances. The solution is to use music as an integral part of the narration."

Seconding this, Apoorva said: " The quality of subtitles need improvement. Unless the subtitles are giving exact emotions in translation, audience would not be able to connect. These small things need to be kept in mind while thinking about a global canvas for our films."

FICCI Frames is a three-day business conclave in the media and entertainment sector. Leading personalities and organisations from the sector join this prestigious congregation.