Peking opera master dies

Beijing,  Mei Baojiu, a famous Peking opera performer and son of a legendary Chinese theatre mogul, died here on Monday at age 82. Mei fell into coma following a bronchial spasm and died in a hospital, Xinhua news agency quoted the Jingju Theater Company of Beijing as saying. Born on March 29, 1934 in Shanghai, Mei Baojiu was the ninth child and successor of Mei Lanfang, one of the most respected Chinese artists of the 20th century and creator of the "Mei School" style of Peking opera. Mei Baojiu was the head of Mei Lanfang Peking opera troupe. He was famous for his performance in such classical plays as "Farewell My Concubine," "Lady General Mu Takes Command" and "The Drunken Beauty."