Pathankot terror attack: AK-47s used by the terrorists were improvised versions

New Delhi: The fidayeen who attacked the Pathankot airbase used the improvised versions of AK-47s, claim reports.

These improvised versions were like a mortar launcher.

While probing the attack, a key point of probe will be if these weapons and ammunition used by the terrorists were dumped in the area before the terrorists came in.

TOI quoted an intelligence officer stating "It may not have been possible for the terrorists to carry so much ammunition...we need to probe if the weapons and ammunition were dumped here beforehand."

Earlier, reports claimed that the fidayeen may have entered at air base in two batches, with one reaching the target before abduction of Gurdaspur SP Salwinder Singh prompted the security agencies to sound an alert.

Six terrorist entered the air base, four terrorists were killed on Saturday evening, the first day of the terror attack and the remains of the fifth were spotted on Monday.

However, the killing of the sixth terrorist is yet to be confirmed.

News24 Bureau