Parrikar seeks explanation on recruitment exam

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has sought an explanation from the army regarding its recruitment rally in Bihar where candidates were made to appear in the written test in their briefs, informed sources said on Tuesday. The army meanwhile said the decision was taken locally and the army headquarters has taken serious note of the issue. The sources said on Tuesday that a report was sought by Parrikar after pictures of candidates appeared in the media regarding the recruitment rally in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district.

Also read: An army spokesperson said late Tuesday evening that the decision was taken locally. "Decision to make candidates appear for exams without shirt, trousers or headgear was taken by the local conducting staff on the same having been suggested by a large number of candidates who complained of many candidates resorting to unfair means through notes, cell phones & even Bluetooth devices hidden in personal clothing," the spokesperson said. "The army headquarters has taken serious note of the incident and has directed corrective measures for ensuring fairness without causing embarrassment to candidates," the spokesperson said.

Also read: Over 1,000 candidates for clerical posts were on Sunday asked to sit for the test in their undergarments to prevent cheating. The candidates sat cross-legged on the ground in their briefs for the one-hour test. On Tuesday, the Patna High Court also sought the defence ministry's reply on how hundreds of youth appearing for the army recruitment examination were forced to take off their clothes. Army authorities said that candidates hid chits with answers and other high-tech gadgets inside their clothes to cheat in exams in the past.