Paris climate deal would come into force much earlier: Obama

Washington, Oct 5: US President Barack Obama has said the Paris climate deal would come into force much earlier than previously anticipated, days after India ratified the agreement on climate change.

"I anticipate that this agreement will actually go into force in the next few weeks. India, just this past week, signed on. And we are going to get a few more nations signing on," Obama said at a White House event.

"So, officially, this agreement will be into force much faster than I think many of us anticipated when we first organised it," Obama said yesterday while participating in a discussion with Oscar-winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio and Dr Katharine Hayhoe as Part of the White House South Lawn Event.

He appeared to be understanding the Indian effort to provide electricity to its millions of people.

"When it comes to poor countries, you take an example like India where hundreds of millions of people still do not have electricity on a regular basis, and they would like to have the standards of living that, at least would mean that they are not engaging in backbreaking work just to feed themselves, or keep warm - it is completely understandable that their priority is to create electricity for their people," he said.