'Pari' my wife's best work ever: Virat lauds Anushka



Aww!!! Buckets and buckets of tears in "awement" peeps!!!! Romeo has surpassed all expectations and we're so happy!! 

Star cricketer Virat Kohli has showered praise on his actress-wife Anushka Sharma's work in her latest release "Pari". He has vouched for it as her best work.

He took to twitter and posted this message for her, "Watched 'Pari' last night. Has to be my Wife's best work ever! One of the best films I've seen in a long time. Got quite scared, but so very proud of you Anushka Sharma." 

This is Anushka's third project as a producer after "NH10" and "Phillauri".

Virat has always protected her, more-so when she was trolled for his mis-happenings in his career also. Speaking about the recent India’s 5-1 ODI series victory against South Africa, Virat proudly said, "People who are close to me deserve a lot of credit. My wife has kept me going throughout the tour. I am grateful for that." 

He also mentioned, "She’s been criticized a lot in the past. But she’s one person who’s kept me going throughout the tour."

Virat and Anushka are one another's biggest cheerleaders. Where does Virat's innate need to protect and nurture his relationship with Anushka stem from? 

Its because you only thrive and are marketable in Bollywood based on your image. If you are fit, adjustable, affable, amiable, viable, unattached (single, aka you wont get pregnant any sooner) then you are a good bet. Also, love is precious but it gets to become quite a deterrant in your career if you are a Bollywood celeb dating another celeb. There's media on your case constantly and you can't hide in some corner. That’s the story of our Bollywood celebs’ lives. However, there's a longing to be in a relationship and share your life with the person you love. You want to be a celebrity, yet you want to protect and nurtur your life. That's why celebs go to great lenghts to support their better-halfs. 

Virat and Anushka, for the very same reason, were under much scruitny for their hush-hush wedding in Italy, far from the media glares. 

Good friend and fellow celebrity Sania Mirza came to their support by saying, “High profile marriages are obviously a little bit complicated in terms of so much of outside stuff, it isn't just internal. They obviously realised the media hype would be here so they went to Italy. At some point, they have to face it.”

Here are some pictures of their beautiful wedding: