Paresh Rawal apologises for the 'chai-wala' 'bar-wala' tweet

New Delhi, Nov 22: The Congress's chai-wala meme has started a battle of the barbs between the two national parties. 

On Tuesday night, Congress faced heavy flak when the official handle of the Youth Congress's online magazine, Yuva Desh, shared a meme that hit at PM Modi's 'chaiwala' beginnings. 

Top Congress leaders immediately apologised by the gaffe of the online magazine and called it out for being improper and crude. The tweet was deleted.

However, the BJP then responded with a crass tweet of its own.

Parliamentarian Paresh Rawal took to Twitter to write: "Our Chai-wala is any day better than your Bar-wala".

This tweet by Rawal was also deleted and he apologised for it in a later tweet.

The Congress has called out the BJP stating that it hypocritical of the ruling party to make such a ruckus about a tweet when they themselves spread fake news and mock others through trolls.    As outrage poured after the Congress' youth wing first tweeted a meme insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then deleted it, Union Minister Smriti Irani deemed it as an "insult to Gujaratis".

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting said that the tweet echoed "the mindset of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress".

"It is expected from the Congress. Youth Congress is demonstrating what their leader feels about Prime Minister Modi," the BJP leader said.

The tweet by Yuva Desh, Youth Congress' online magazine portrayed a photograph of PM Modi, US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May and took a dig at PM's Modi with depicting May as telling the Indian PM to limit himself to just "making tea".

After the massive uproar, the tweet was deleted with the Congress apologising for the same. Party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, "INC strongly disapproves and rejects such humour through memes. Differences in policy and opinion aside, Congress culture imbibes respect for the PM and all political opponents." 

However, Irani dismissed the apology saying, We dont take Congress apology seriously. We all know what Congress actually feels about PM Modi.