Panneerselvam is a DMK stooge, liar: Sasikala

Chennai: Faced with a revolt from O Panneerselvam, AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala today said she had got wind of his moves a few days ago itself and asserted that the party remains united and will not be cowed down by such threats.Sasikala said "betrayal" will never win in the AIADMK and blamed arch rival DMK for trying to destabilise her party. 

The opposition so far unseen but emerging now was a proof that "certain developments our rivals dont desire are happening in the party," she said in an apparent reference to her elevation. "That is why there is this flutter. Neither AIADMK nor me will be cowed down by this," she told a meeting of party MLAs convened here to discuss the situation arising out of Panneerselvams revolt against her last night.

The AIADMK general secretary called Panneerselvam a liar for his allegation that he had been forced to resign.

Sasikala said she had noticed "Panneerselvam joining hands with DMK following their conversation in the Assembly," recently and added that she said duty bound to prevent the next course of action from happening, apparently referring to a revolt. She referred to the remark of Deputy DMK Leader Durai Murugan who had last week in the Assembly favoured Panneerselvam to continue as Chief Minister for the rest of the term of the current government, i.e till 2021.

"Panneerselvam not saying anything on this and his silence showed clearly that he had joined hands with DMK. His act had also infuriated the Ministers," she said. However, responding to Panneerselvams charge last night on Ministers speaking against him and that she had not taken action against them, the party chief said she had actually pulled them up, giving him his due respect. She recalled she was "not in the frame of mind" to accept the leadership of AIADMK following Jayalalithaas demise, although Panneerselvam was one of the proponents of the idea.

Referring to Panneerselvams political career, Sasikala said he had been part of the AIADMK Janaki (MGRs widow) team following the death of the founder MG Ramachandran, before switching over to Jayalalithaa camp.

Jayalalithaa had forgiven this and provided him with various opportunities (in the party and government), she added.

"Our rivals are showing their true face. We will prove our might to them. No one has the power or capacity to split or break us. I will solve the confusion arising in peoples minds at the right time," she said.