Panic in Gujarat, North Indians flee after attacks..342 arrested, 42 cases registered

Ahmedabad, Oct 7: There's panic among North Indians living in Gujarat. Fearing for lives, the migrants from north India are fleeing Gujarat under threat of a backlash after a rape incident. Reports say hundreds of North Indians have already left the state. Meanwhile, the Gujarat Police has registered 42 cases and arrested 342 persons for attacks on North Indians. Patrolling has been intensified in the affceted areas of Mehsana, Banaskantha and Sabarkantha, and Special Reserve Police has been deployed, Police is closely monitoring social media to stop rumours. Administration is engaging with villagers to cool down the tempers.    The worst affected are the Hindi-speaking migrant workers from UP and Bihar  who have been living in North Gujarat. The current anti-North India violence started after a labourer from Bihar was caught for raping a 14-month-old girl in Sabarkantha district. There were also reports of attack on North indian migrants in the capital Ahmedabad. Homes of the north Indian labourers were burnt. many suffered injuries after organised attacks. Recounting details of horror, majority of the labourers have started leaving the state.Though police is trying its best, but alleged activists of Thakor Sena are seen entering homes of labourers and threating them to leave the state by October 8. Violence erupted after messages started circulating that Gujarat is becoming unsafe for women because of north Indian migrants after the rape of baby girl on Sep 28 allegedly by Bihar's Ravindra Sahu. The girl belonged to Thakor community.Blame game has started between BJP and Congress over the violence. Thakor Sena, allegedly behind the violence, is headed by Congress MLA Alpesh Thakor. However, the MLA dismissed the allegations. "This is unfortunate, we have never advocated violence and only talked peace.All Indians are safe in Gujarat."“Assault on the non-Gujaratis is to spoil the atmosphere of the state. Congress MLAs and their workers have been trying to create a difference between the Gujaratis and the migrants,” said Gujarat BJP VP IK Jadeja. Bihar Deputy CM joined the politics over violence."Congress behind attack on migrants in Gujarat. Biiharis totally safe in Gujarat inspite of provocation from Congress," tweeted Sushil Kumar Modi. Congress blamed the state government for the events. “Women and girls are being raped and murdered in the state over the past several years. Eleven girls were raped in just seven months. The people are disappointed with the government,” said party spokesperson Manish Doshi. “The rapists should be punished. But, the government is trying to shield their failure by making allegations against Congress. It’s a shame. The BJP workers are insensitive and are not worried about the deteriorating law and order in the state,” added Doshi.Meanwhile, Hardik Patel went to meet victim's family and said, “I believe in the Constitution. It gives right to every Indian to stay anywhere and make a living. I believe that those who have anything against the common man's right should be dragged out of Gujarat.” Hardik Patel said.Lalu Yadav's son and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav took pot shots at PM Narendra Modi. "Dear @narendramodi Ji, Is it ur so called 'Wonder world of Gujarat' you had sold to Nation in 2014? People from UP, Bihar, MP being mobbed in Gujarat. BJP/RSS has turned Gujrat into a nursery of hatred & violence against poor, Dalits & minorities. Shameful!" tweeted Tejashwi.

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