Pandemonium in Rajya Sabha; Congress wants PM to apologise for saying this

New Delhi, Dec 19: There was lots of pandemonium in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday as the Opposition wanted PM Narendra Modi to apologise to Former PM Manmohan Singh.

"Dr. Manmohan Singh ji's integrity and loyalty to the country has been questioned. PM should come in the house and make it clear," Ghulam Nabi Azad,Congress raises issue of PM Modi's remark.

"Will certainly invite all my colleagues, including leader of the opposition and try and discuss, find a solution to the issue: Arun Jaitley,Union Minister amid Congress uproar in Rajya Sabha.

Issue of special courts for criminal netas were raised in Rajya Sabha, Congress MP Anand Sharma said, "Government should ensure allocation of adequate funds for setting up enough number of courts so that people do not remain in prison for long periods and the trial is done."