Padmavati Deepika now poses in a bold BIKINI

New Delhi, Nov 23: Deepika Padukone is in headlines these days due to major controversy surrounding her film Padmavati. At a time when there is so much controversy, Deepika has found a good reason to shift all that attention to something different. Yes, Deepika has once again managed to stop traffic on social media. Recently, the sultry actress flew to Sri Lanka and turned muse to the magazine Filmfare for an enthralling swimsuit edition photoshoot. 

The pictures of Deepika in the bikini will certainly leave you breathless as she is looking way too stunning in every pose. 

Here are the pictures of the hot bikini photoshoot: 

Earlier, Deepika's Maxim photoshoot had gone viral. Deepika had done the photoshoot when she was about to begin the shooting of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati. The photosoot was questioned by Rajput society and Deepika was criticised for it. 

Renu Baliyan