Pachauri again denies sexual harassment charge

New Delhi: Environmentalist R.K. Pachauri, accused of sexual harassment by a former colleague, on Monday again denied the charge and said he had done nothing wrong and will prove his innocence in court. "I have complete faith in the country's justice delivery system. I am sure the falsity of the charge against my will be proved in a court of law very soon. I have cooperated and will continue to cooperate in the judicial process," Pachauri said in a press statement here. He said: "I reiterate that I have done no wrong and this fact will be proved in court."  On May 14, a local court issued summons to Pachauri after taking cognisance of the charge sheet and held there was enough material to proceed against him in view of charges dealing with stalking and words, gestures or acts intended to insult a woman's modesty. "The court, in its wisdom and without any arguments from my counsel, has dropped Section 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) from the charge sheet, which prima facie manifests the falsity of allegations," he said. "A copy of the charge sheet will be supplied to me on July 11." Pachauri said the court only took cognisance of the charges levelled in the charge sheet. "The court nowhere stated there is 'sufficient evidence' against Pachauri. This is a routine practice in courts where allegations are filed against anyone." He said: "I again reiterate that the contents of the charge sheet are allegations levelled by the complainant. Nothing has been substantiated after yearlong police investigation. It also stated that there are no witnesses whatsoever from TERI who have corroborated her allegations." The court has fixed July 11 for hearing in the case and issued summons to Pachauri. On April 21, Pachauri had 'stepped down' from The Energy and Resources Institute's governing council. He is a former executive chairman of TERI.