Our children can weave their dreams around Bollywood too

Neetu Kumar, New Delhi, Nov 14: A survey says that Indians are crazy about two things: Cricket and Cinema. Interestingly this passion is seen across all class, creed, gender and of course age groups.

Just talk to an 80-year-old and he will tell you how he just loved Dilip Kumar’s movies or how Madhubala was the living goddess for them. Same way an 8-year-old will recite all dialogues of Shah Rukh Khan or hang goggles at the back of his collar to show you a few moves of Chulbul Pandey aka Salman Bhai. This has been impact of Bollywood on the Indian psyche. But if you ask the same Bollywood aficionados if they will allow their children to try their luck in the tinsel town, and see how they turn a cold feet to this proposal.

Why is that so? Because of the uncertainty it offers. Says Neha Sareen who hails from Bokaro and is crazy about acting. She took admission in FTII Pune against the wishes of her parents.  Spending lakhs in doing the entire course was a real challenge. Only when she convinced her parents that a course in FTII does not only mean getting a break in Bollywood, and that it will open many more avenues for her career did they agree to oblige. It’s not that the parents don’t want their children to tread the lesser trodden path, but most of the time they are unaware, they don’t know how to go about it. 

“It’s wrong to assume that a Bollywood break means only grabbing the role of the lead actor or actress. Your child may be a good dancer, a good singer, have streaks of a class comedian…anything. If you kp the options open then getting a foothold in Bollywood is not tough,” says Udaya Tara Nayyar, senior film journalist and veteran actor Dilip Kumar’s official biographer. She further elucidates, “Unlike earlier times enthusiasts today have so many options. There is TV also and remunerations and fame attached with this is no less. And the present trend of making web series, by leading media houses also throws opportunities in a big way. TV Reality shows are throwing lot of opportunities as there are several dance shows, singing shows and shows to detect your acting caliber. To cater to this demand today even B tier cities are having ample grooming schools and institutes. And they are also connected to the right people in Bollywood. Here are the links to some leading institutes in India which offer wonderful courses. They are the leading institutes across the country which offer courses in acting, editing, modeling and othr related fields.