Organisers introduce RioCard for visitors

Rio de Janeiro: In an attempt to address the problems faced by foreign visitors during the Olympics, Rio mayor's office has developed a multimodal Olympic card known as the RioCard. Touted as the best way to pay for transport, the cards can be ordered online but can only be delivered within Brazil, reports Xinhua. The non-transferable card can also be bought from Friday at automatic machines across the city such as inside Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations as well as train and metro stations and top-up machines and specific shops. It can be used during both the Olympic Games from August 5 to 21 and the Paralympics from September 7 to 18. There are three different categories of the card. The one-day RioCard costs 25 reais (around $7.5), the three-day costs 70 reais (around $21) and the seven-day version costs 160 reais (around $48). With the aim of helping guarantee that the visitors have access to all the information necessary to enjoy the Games, the Organising Committee launched a guide for each Olympic sport, as well as for the opening and closing ceremonies. "Whichever stadium they visit, the spectators will be able to use the guides to find the toilets, medical services, information points and the access points for people with disabilities," Helio Cabral, manager for audience experience in the Rio 2016 Committee said.