Opposition corners Sharif: Asks ‘why are we lonely’, tells PM to learn from past mistakes

New Delhi: Pakistan PM  Nawaz  Sharif  was cornered by the opposition during the joint parliament session on Wednesday. Questioning  Sharif’s foreign policy  opposition leader from PPP Khursheed Shah asked “why Pakistan was so lonely”. Khursheed went to say that Pakistan must learn from previous mistakes. Khursheed said, “Why is our foreign policy so weak, why are we lonely?" asked Shah. "We have to realise our mistakes and choose better path for the future. Our policies have led to this stage, where Bangladesh is also against us." That Pakistan could not pre-empt the SAARC  boycott, was a failure of foreign policy , the senior PPP leader said. He added “They (India) have tried to isolate us diplomatically. The Saarc conference is before you. Five countries that refused to attend it. We should have preempted such developments”. (Agencies)