Online portal launches video channel dedicated to moms

New Delhi: Online portal mycity4kids has launched a video channel named Momspresso, which is dedicated to mothers. With the aim to make the lives of mothers all over India more enjoyable and seamless, the channel will offer nuggets of motherly wisdom, personal experiences, expert views and enlightening discussions on subjects such as childcare and parenting.  It will also offer video content on the comical aspects of motherhood, the many bumps one comes across during the journey and the several misconceptions that can be faced and figured out. "With refreshing discussions, interesting show formats and expert views, our endeavour is to provide all relevant information to mothers so that the joy of parenting does not overtake the job of parenting. With the channel mothers are less likely to feel like they are the only ones dealing with pregnancy-related quandaries or baby issues," Vishal Gupta, Co-Founder and Managing Director at mycity4kids, said in a statement. The first episode of Mompresso deals with pregnancy myths. It debunks some of the most commonly circulated old wives tales such as predicting the gender of the baby on the basis of the shape of one’s bump.