One country in neighbourhood producing, exporting terror: PM

Vientiane, In a fresh jibe at Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said there is "one country in our neighbourhood" which "produces and exports" terror as he called on the international community to isolate and sanction "this" instigator.

"There's one country in our neighbourhood whose competitive advantage rests solely in producing and exporting terrorism," he said in his address at the East Asia Summit, without naming Pakistan.

"This export is reducing space for peace and increasing space for violence, and, putting at risk peace and prosperity of all," he told the gathering that had US President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in attendance.

"The time has come to isolate and sanction this instigator," Modi added.

The Prime Minister's fresh jibe directed at Pakistan came four days after he called on other BRICS members to intensify joint efforts to combat terrorism and sought "coordinated actions" by the grouping to "isolate supporters and sponsors of terror".