On Shekhar Kapur's Birthday, let's reminisce about his big movie Mr India!


For the generation that grew up in the late 80s-early 90s, there are a few films that changed our perception of cinema and how it could help us cross boundaries between reality and fantasy. Mr India, a true tale of good versus evil, brought a seachange of thoughts and strengthened our beliefs in Indian cinema. 


For example, the scene when Arun, Anil Kapoor's character, is saving the “sone ka hanuman” and rescuing Seema (Sridevi) from the goons can only happen because he has the magical device, however, he’s still a pretty regular guy. But this gadget changes Arun’s personality and also mortality when he isn't invisible. His demeanour around Seema is starkly different because he loves her. His tone reflects power, authority and the aura of Mr India, the one that can save the country. 

Also, a big change in movies was when we despised villans. However, in this movie, Mogambo was loved by under 8 crowd. Since all the protagonists need a villain and the story only happens to be full circle when there’s an actual chance that the villain is undefeatable. Mogambo (portrayed brilliantly by Amrish Puri) is one of the most iconic characters to have ever existed in Indian cinema. Mogambo wants to rule the world but his path is obstructed by a man that doesnt want to forfeit his rented accomodation. For a villain as powerful as Mogambo, ideally this shouldn't be a big concern but he’s still unaware of the powers that Arun has. 

As avid movie buffs, Mr India, had fantasy, reality, humor, emotions, great music and iconic dialogues such as "Mogambo Khush Hua" and the gadget that we all wished we possessed at some point or another. Basically, all the ingredients for a recipe for success.


Kapur set out to make a film for children and while they are the toughest critics, he also managed to impress all those that accompanied those kids and their parents to the theater. 


Here are some pictures from the superhit movie: