OMG..What was Sunny doing at such party?

New Delhi: Laila is in trouble. This time because of too much `likes'. Yes, too much likes may become a headache for the Sunny Leone. 


In connection with the Rs 4000 crore 'likes' scam of Noida, the Special Task Force (STF) team on Monday quizzed the staff of Hotel Crowne Plaza in Greater Noida. It is here that the Ponzi scam mastermind Anubhav Mittal had organised a party and invited  Sunny Leone for the launch of an e-commerce portal. This even was organised last year on November 29.

"The Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes Act, 1978 prohibits promotion of any such scheme. We have got evidence and photos of the actor in the promotional event. She may be questioned if required during the investigation," said STF DSP Raj Kumar Mishra.