OMG..This will happen to your Whatsapp messages

New Delhi: Good news for iPhone Siri lovers, Whatsapp has released a new update for iOS platform, you will definitely love it. The iPhone voice assistant Siri will now be able to read your messages loud. The update has been rolled out globally to all iOS users and will work on iOS version 10.3 or above  

Earlier to the update the voice assistant already had the ability to compose the Whatsapp messages, for this user are required to give permission to WhatsApp to access their iPhone data.

After the new update, you can select multiple statuses on the ‘My Updates’ screen. Icon of voice call has been replaced with a ‘+’ icon, which opens up contacts for both voice and video calls 

With the new update, two-step verification process has been simplified, contact and group info sections have been revised, the camera has been revised to remember its last usage state and the Persian language has been included for support.


With this new update, iPhone users will be able to use Siri to compose, read messages and make calls on the platform, but what you may not like is, for all this process Whatsapp will send some of your data to Apple in order to process your requests. Officially it's not yet cleared what part of your data will be sent Apple, and if personal messages are recorded by Apple, the new update breaches Whatsapp end-to-end encryption policy, which does not allow any third-party to access user's private data.