OMG...So Indians are spending money here

New Delhi: This may leave you startled but these figures and reports suggest where Indians are spending their money abroad. In 2016 the total spending on travel was $651 million. 

Earlier the maximum amount spent by Indians abroad was on funding studies. But in the current financial year, up to February 2017, the maximum money was being spent on travelling. $2.3 billion to be precise.
 Exploring new shores and destinations in foreigm locales is the new fadamong Indians. Dubai and other Gulf counties are hot favourites.
Interestingly, these remittances are made under the Reserve Bank of India's Liberalised Remittance Scheme under which individuals are allowed to send up to $250,000 annually.
What also encourages this trend is the fact that leading as well as startups dealing in travelling and tour are giving interesting offers within the reach of more and more people. So travel and enjoy, holidays are round the corner.