OMG..Shraddha shocks her fan, reveals this secret

Mumbai: Actress Shraddha kapoor has made a sensational revelation just before release of her new film. Is it a gimmick to promote her film? Well, it's difficult to say for now. But, for now her fans are shocked.    
Speaking about her new film 'Half Girlfriend', the actress said that she has actually been a 'half-girlfriend' when she was in college. Shraddha said that she liked a boy, but did not want to be committed to the relationship. "I happened to be a half girlfriend in college, while in school it was exactly the opposite. I liked a boy, but he had no interest in me," Shraddha added. All these relationships are 'hal-girlfriend' types, more than a friend but less than a girlfriend, she elaborated.
Shradhha-Arjun Kapoor starrer "Half Girlfriend" is set to release on May 19 in over 2,500 screens in India next month. Helmed by Mohit Suri, the coming-of-age romantic film is based on a novel of the same name written by Chetan Bhagat.