OMG..Tiger Shroff called 'Bikini Babe' of Bollywood!

New Delhi: Ram Gopal Varma is not new to controversy and now he is in midst of a new one. The filmmaker on Twitter has attacked a new and young Bollywood actor on his birthday.

From veterans like Amitabh Bachchan to Sonakshi Sinha, Ramu has taken a jibe at many celebrities over the years through his Twitter handle. He has faced the criticism for doing so, and been trolled on Twitter on many occasions.

But this time, birthday boy Tiger Shroff was at the receiving end of Ramu's acidic Tweets. The 'Sarkar 3' director went calling Tiger a "bikini babe" before giving him tips to learn "machoism."Posting a shirtless picture of Tiger, in a series of tweets the filmmaker posted a message, "only gays pose like this and not MEN." the director later deleted this post. RGV suggested the birthday boy to stop posing in a Urmilaish way and be a true men like Bruce Lee and Jackie Shroff.

Later clarifying, Ram Gopal in his last tweet said,