OMG..Kim wears this to keep her body in shape!

New Delhi: Kim Kardashian is basically famous for her body shape and people around the world try their best to look like her.  The Kardashian sisters are all active to spread awareness about some health tactics socially. 

From ‘flat tummy’ tea to waist trainers, they have used tons of spurious methods to slim down. She works out in a plastic garbage bag like the suit, as it helps in sweating away her remaining baby weight. 

She recently uploaded a video on social platform Snapchat in which she is working out with her trainer Donamatrix in strange get-ups. She elaborates to her fans that she is wearing the ‘sauna suit’ because she has to lose 7 pounds (approximately 3 kgs) extra. 

KIm is not the only one in the family who wears a trash bag suit. Her sister, Khloe even wears it during workouts and says that it help in more sweating and calorie burning.