OMG..Kapil Sharma hits Sunil Grover again!

New Delhi: With ongoing spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, the story getting clearer day by day that Dr. Mashoor Gulati is in no mood return to the "The Kapil Sharma Show". So it's obvious that  Kapil and Sunil will be competing with each other in the upcoming time, but in the recent competition Kapil Sharma has already beaten Sunil Grover in terms of TRP.

Sunil Grover who performed on the Indian Idol grand finale last week was the talk of the town but as far as business is concerned Sunil Grover lost to Kapil Sharma in terms of TRP. The finale episode of the singing reality show failed to beat 

The Kapil Sharma Show's 'Mast Mast' episode which featured Raveena Tandon on Saturday. 

According to the BARC India's latest data for the first week of April (1st-7th), The Kapil Sharma Show has garnered 4.6 million impressions whereas Indian Idol grand finale episode got 4.2 million impressions. 

Sunil Grover who is in contract with Sony TV for a year agreed to appear on the finale episode of the singing reality show, but post mid-air controversy on the returning flight from Australia Kapil's show  aired only once in the 1st weekend of April, whereas finale episode of the Indian Idol show continued for 3 hours from 8-11 pm on Sunday.