OMG...For girlfriend, man sent hijack threat mail

Mumbai hijack threat giver arrested in Hydrabad, at last. The Hydrabad police have nabbed the man who had caused quite a stir with the hijack threats to the Mumbai police. This 32-year-old businessman just wanted to stop his girlfriend, flying from the same flight, to Goa and Mumbai. He sent a fake hijack threat mail to the Mumbai police which had caused quite a furor.

The man, M Vamsi Krishna, already married, grew close to a Chennai-based woman though Facebook. The woman wanted to go to a fun trip to Mumbai and Goa. She asked Vamsi to book a ticket and meet her in Mumbai on April 16. As Vamsi did not have enough money, he created a fake air ticket and emailed the same to her on 15 April afternoon. After that, he cleverly crafted the hijack letter and mailed it to the Mumbai police that six passengers were planning a hijack flying from Mumbai, Hydrabad and Chennai. His sole intention was not letting his girlfriend fly to her destination. Security was beefed up on the said airports.