OMG! Yogi cop sends triple talaq to wife via speedpost

New Delhi: When his demand for a motorcycle and cash was not met, Israel Beg, a Uttar Pradesh police constable, sent triple talaq to his wife Gulafasha Bano via speed post. Israel Beg is posted at Barnal police station in Mainpuri district.

 Gulafasha has a three-year-old son and hails from Gwalior. She alleges that ever since she has married Israel in 2012, the demands for dowry have not stopped. She comes from a humble family and said that her poor parents still managed to give her 1 lakh and some gold and silver. But this did not satisfy their lust for more.

She has been living with her parents since September 2016 and on Monday she received this intimation of triple talaq through speed post. When she tried to reason out the issue with Israel, he did not entertain her. Later his friends informed her that he has gone for a second marriage and is living in Mainpuri with his new wife. She has now approached Agra zone inspector general of police Sujeet Pandey who has assured of all co operation. He said that the police will investigate the matter and facts before any action is taken.