OMG! Without Rinku Bhabhi, Kapil gets 'thullu' from viewers

Mumbai: The in-flight 'dadagiri' of Kapil Sharma has grounded him for good. The tiff with Sunil Grover has delivered a telling blow on ratings of The Kapil Sharma Show, with ratings hitting an all-time low.

Latest BARC data ( week March 18- March 24) shows that Kapil Sharma Show recorded 5.3 million impressions, down substantially from 6 million in the previous week. Clearly without Dr Mashoor Gulati & Rinku Bhabhi ( Sunil Grover), Nani (Ali Asgar) and Chandu ( Chandan Prabhakar), the popularity of show has taken a big hit.  

Future for Kapil is not bright either. There were 1,11, 875 dislikes on YouTube for recent episode, with just 26,599 dislikes. The total views are just 3,629,041.Disaster seems to be written on the wall for Kapil.    

Story is clear. The show was not popular just because of an individual (Kapil), but it was because of efforts of the entire team. Seems Kapil thought otherwise, and got it wrong completely.  

Rubbing salt on Kapil's injury, the creative director too reportedly is on the verge of saying goodbye. One misdeed of Kapil has rocked the ship, and yes rocked him too.

Kapil's image and popularity too have taken a beating, and the show may well be surviving on ventilator now.