OMG! Watershed on Jio's Summer Surprise offer

New Delhi: In a surprising turn of events on Thursday Jio announced that it will discontinue its Special Summer Offer toeing the terms set by Telecom Regulator Trai. The regulatory authority has pointed out that the three months of further free services are not regular and therefore Jio should stop this. This means that the offer which was supposed to end on April 15 will now end in next few days.

But this may not be a big loss to Jio because the instructions to Jio came on Thursday. Friday it will be figuring out things as the announcement which has been made now needs to be withdrawn. Then comes the weekend so operationally it may not be feasible. Which means that the Jio offer will end in next 4-5 days and it will be nearer toApril 15. So one can assume that there will hardly be any loss to Jio. All customers who have subscribed to the aforementioned offer prior to its discontinuation will remain eligible for the offer.

    • The official statement from Jio says that Jio accepts this decision. Jio is in the process of fully complying with the regulator’s advice and will be withdrawing the three months complimentary benefits of Jio Summer Surprise as soon as operationally feasible, over the next few days. The catch is in the phrase ‘next few days’. Till then ‘Jio Shaan Se’.