OMG! Varun is copying Virat Kohli

New Delhi: Varun Dhawan is a die-hard fan of the Indian skipper and his feelings extend to his reel life character too. The B-Town actor further went ahead and got his hair styled exactly like Virat Kohli for 'Badrinath Ki Dulhania'.

In an interview, Varun said,"When we started shooting for 'Badrinath Ki Dulhania', I asked my director Shashank (Khaitan), 'Badrinath kiska fan hai? Who does my character look up to?' He said, "Tu Virat Kohli ka fan hai. Today, every child in our country is a Kohli fan. I quickly called my hairstylist and told him, 'I want a haircut like Virat'. Coincidentally, Virat was in his salon for a haircut too. I dropped everything, and told him, 'I am coming there right now'. I wanted the same look as VK's. And then, we sat on chairs next to each other at the salon and got the same hairdo."

When asked about what Virat thought about Varun's idea, the actor laughed and said,"He was quite amused at my thought of imitating his hair cut." He adds,"I know him from before. We were a part of the same football club. He started teasing me, 'Main haircut badal doonga teri film release hone se pehle.' Films take a while to get made. Over these months, every now and then, I had a message from him saying that he's changing his look.'

The actor is keenly waiting to show his film to the Indian cricket team captain!